Brightwater Parks

The Boat Park is located adjacent to the Tennis Courts and offers lots of fun to Brightwater youngsters who climb and play on and in the "sailing ship."  There are several bench areas and walkways around the perimeter. 


Northshore Park is our largest and most wooded park. It offers a place to have picnics, stroll among the trees or just sit and enjoy the lake.  This park also has a children's playground structure.      


Breezeway Park is located at Lakeside Meadow and Breezeway Drives.With loads of space to fly a kite or just enjoy the open landscape, residents can also pack a lunch and eat at the picnic table near the large old pecan tree adjacent to Oyster Creek.     

Lakewinds Park is a small green space with swings and a playground facility, well suited for our residents' younger children. It can be found halfway down Lakewinds Drive near the MUD #42 water plant.