Tennis Court Rules

Please be courteous of others in tennis play

  • Use of tennis courts restricted to Brightwater residents and their guests only.
  • Absolutely no more than FOUR players on any single court.
  • All players must select a time to play and SIGN UP for that time on the posted sign-up sheet.
  • Court reservations can be made no earlier than TWENTY-FOUR HOURS in advance.
  • If person reserving court is 10 minutes later than reserved time, the reservation is void.
  • Limit play to THREE NON-CONSECUTIVE DAYS per week.
  • Maximum of 1-1/2 hours of reserved time per family per day.
  • Playing time limited to: Doubles—1-1/2 hours.  Singles—1 hour.
  • Regulation tennis attire, including shirt and regulation court shoes required at all times.
  • Tennis courts restricted to tennis activities ONLY.
  • Observe good sportsmanship at all times—no profanity or loud outbursts.
  • No portable radios, tape players or other distracting devices allowed in court area.
  • Courts must be LOCKED UP upon entering and leaving. If LIGHTS are on, please TURN OFF when leaving if no one else is waiting to play.
  • Courts must be kept clean and free of debris. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED!
  • No person, especially children, other than players and/or instructors allowed within court enclosure.
  • NO skateboards, skates, or bicycles are allowed inside tennis courts!

Brightwater Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

There are two tennis courts available for play year-round to Brightwater residents. Courts are lighted until 10:00 p.m. during play.

Courts can be reserved by using the sign-up sheets located just inside the court entrance. Please be respectful of other players' desire to play and do not monopolize the time slots.

A gate key is required to access the tennis courts. For a key or more information about play, contact Joanie Sharp at

281-499-3889 or to obtain a tennis key for $25.00.


Tennis Court Use:
Occasionally, a few residents have used the Brightwater courts for tennis lessons. While we encourage our homeowners to use our amenities, we want to be fair to all. Therefore, the HOA has agreed to the following rules for private tennis lessons:

  1. Private tennis lessons are allowed only to residents of Brightwater and no more than six (6) students per court.
  2. Residents are responsible for and must supervise their children under 10 years old during instruction.
  3. Only residents can reserve a court for instruction and have no preference over those signing up for general play.
  4. Lessons must be concluded by 6:30 PM.
  5. Residents assume responsibility for hiring licensed, insured tennis instructors.

Instructors are on property at the invitation of the resident and must abide by all court rules.

Friendly Reminders:

  • When signing in, please use your full name.
  • Please limit play to 1-1/2 hours no more than 3 days per week (no consecutive days). We have a lot of residents that would like to play tennis, but do not get the opportunity to do so.
  • If your entire party is not present within 10 minutes of your sign up time and someone else is waiting, you will automatically forfeit your playing time.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow tennis players and do not abuse your use of the tennis courts.
  • Please take care of the sign-in cabinet. Thank you!