You may need to get permits from Missouri City before beginning your work.  Many of the home improvement projects done in Brightwater need city permitting.  Either the homeowner or his/her contractor must get the permit in advance of starting the project.  The following are some of the types of projects that require permitting:

  • Any concrete work (patio, sidewalk, driveway, decks, pads, etc.)
  • Installation of pools and spas
  • Installation of or major changes to irrigation systems
  • Roof additions
  • Roofing (re-roofing)
  • Windows (replacing or adding windows)
  • Out buildings
  • Patio covers and gazebos

Note:  Any electrical, plumbing or mechanical (AC) projects also require Missouri City permits.

All of the projects listed above also require approval by the Brightwater Architectural Control Committee (ACC). 

  • Submit the form with all supporting plans and documents through the Crest Management portal for provisional approval.  
  • The ACC will review the documents and issue a provisional approval.
  • Along with the provisional approval, take your plans (or have your contractor take them) to the Missouri City Planning Department for review and the necessary permits.  The Planning Department is located at 1522 Texas Parkway, and their phone number is 281-403-8600.
  • Once you have the necessary permits, provide a copy of them to the ACC (via Crest Management) along with your plans.
  • After receiving final approval, you may start the physical work on your project.

City Permits for Home Improvements