Brightwater "Beacon" Newsletter

Brightwater eBulletin

The Brightwater eBulletin disseminates time-sensitive information specific to Lakes of Brightwater homeowners who wish to receive such communications via email.  All information received is subject to editing for clarification and brevity and must fall within the guidelines established by the HOA Board of Directors.

Typically, eBulletins relate to one of the following:

  • Meeting and event notices
  • Security alerts
  • Subdivision news

All email messages are sent blind copy so as not to reveal the email addresses of residents on the distribution list.  If you have spam blocking software on your computer, you will need to adjust your settings to accept these incoming messages.

Unacceptable material for eBulletins include political or religious articles, individual complaints, announcements of meetings or events not directly related to the Lakes of Brightwater and the advertising of products or services.

If material is submitted that is not time-sensitive, it will be referred to the “Beacon” Editor.

The HOA Board welcomes your inquiries and comments.  Should you choose to send your comments or inquiries to the eBulletin Editor, your email message will be forwarded to the Board without comment.

To subscribe to the Brightwater eBulletin, send an email to


The “Beacon” provides residents information about the neighborhood, activities and scheduled events.  It is published four times a year—Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The “Beacon” is mailed to every home in Brightwater.  It distributes timely information about organizations and activities that take place on a regular basis and gives reports from the Brightwater Homeowners Association Board and Committees.  Issues contain announcements about activities directly relating to the Lakes of Brightwater, Board news, committee updates and a contact list of officers, committee chairs and municipal services.

According to guidelines approved by the Brightwater Board of Directors, materials concerning political, religious and/or commercial endorsements are prohibited.  Only news items of special interest to the neighborhood may be included.

For comments, questions, or suggestions, you may contact the Communications Chair.

For the Brightwater “Beacon” archive, click here.