Assistant Manager
281-945-4614 (direct)
Note:  Sandy handles monthly residential inspections

 Kimberly Duck- Secretary

Additional Brightwater Contacts

Security/Crime Watch
Diane Giltner

Brightwater Committees

When planning a home-improvement project, be certain to submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) application to Crest Management.  Also, please check out the City’s Requirements.

Architectural Control
Dave Lemons, Chair


The Architectural Control Committee …

  • Preserves the natural setting and beauty of the subdivision’s properties, maintains a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing design for the Lakes of Brightwater and promotes the values of residents’ properties, subject to the restrictions set forth in the ACC Guidelines and Deed Restrictions.
  • Periodically reviews the ACC Guidelines and makes recommended changes and/or updates to the Board of Directors.

Susan Ramírez, Chair

The Communications Committee …

  • Facilitates internal and external community awareness of Brightwater’s neighborhood activities and events, club meetings, Board and committee actions, and security concerns utilizing various communication tools including, but not limited to, a quarterly newsletter, a resident directory, eBulletin, a website and announcement signage.
  • Via Brightwater’s Police Liaison, is aware of security communications between the HOA and Missouri City Police Department.

Chair - Open

The Facilities Committee …

  • Assists the Board of Directors in the planning, administration, maintenance and operations of all Brightwater HOA assets.  The Facilities Committee works together with the Board and other Committees to ensure that the HOA assets are functioning as intended and kept well-maintained; and that future projects are developed and implemented in a manner that best utilizes the HOA’s funds.
  • Coordinates day-to-day operations and regular maintenance of the Clubhouse, Lighting, Parks, Pool, Tennis Courts, Common Property Hardscape (example:  flagpoles) and Signage.
  • Procures needed contract services and equipment to support HOA asset maintenance.


Nancy Hudson, Chair

The Grounds Committee …

  • Coordinates the planting, landscape maintenance and irrigation needs for all HOA common property, working closely with the current HOA landscape contractor.  Areas of responsibility include annual and perennial beds, trees, green spaces and ground cover within the HOA parks.
  • Also works with the Board and other Committees in the areas of improved maintenance, asset replacement and/or special HOA-sponsored events.  Lake maintenance is included under the Grounds Committee purview and is directed through the current HOA lakes contractor.

Joseph Mauricio, Chair


Diane Giltner, Chair
The Social Committee …

  • Organizes and supports the Board on planned social activities, not only for the enjoyment of homeowners, but also to promote fellowship, to facilitate improved communications at social functions and to help interested residents become more active in the community.  Events coordinated by the Social Committee may include, but not be limited to:   occasional Coffees, community garage sales, holiday parties, pool parties, National Night Out, art shows, and special child and adult social activities.
  • Assists the Brightwater Neighborhood Watch program with team meetings, training programs, and crime-watch updates.  Keeps the lines of communication open between the Missouri City Police Department and the HOA Communications Committee.

Brett Williams - Treasurer
Term expires June 2025

Directory of Contacts


Ginger Wright - President
Term expires June 2025

Any resident with a question, concern or suggestion regarding Brightwater, its services or amenities should contact the Homeowners Association management company, Crest Management.  Their professional staff stands ready to answer homeowners’ queries or address issues relating to the neighborhood.


Crest Management Company
17171 Park Row, Suite 310
Houston, TX  77084, or
P.O. Box 219320
Houston, TX  77218
281-579-0761  (office)
281-579-7062  (fax)


Account Manager
281-945-4615 (direct)


If you prefer, you may send comments, suggestions or questions to the HOA at:

City Services

Police & Fire Emergency: 911
City Hall
Animal Control
Code Enforcement Hotline
Gas Services
Mail Delivery
Electricity Problems

Joe Downing - Vice President
Term expires June 2024

Clubhouse Rental/Tennis
Joanie Sharp

Board of Directors

Board Meetings
The Brightwater Homeowners Association Board of Directors meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Clubhouse.  Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are open to all Brightwater residents.  For information regarding the meetings, agenda or approved minutes, please contact Sunni at Crest Management,

Click here to see the next Board meeting agenda 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Terms and Elections

The Brightwater HOA Board of Directors is composed of five members serving two-year terms.  The terms are staggered—two Directors are elected in even years and three Directors are elected in odd years.  The elections take place during the HOA Annual Meeting in June.

Angela Harris

Accounting Rep

281-945-4658 (direct)