Neighborhood Parking

Missouri City Police warn everyone to be alert to the parking rules in neighborhoods.  Emergency vehicles must have clearance for turning onto streets, turning inside cul de sacs and for moving between parked vehicles.  Personal vehicles will be damaged if blocking the way of emergency personnel. 

  • Always park 15 feet or more from a fire hydrant.
  • Always park 20 feet or more from a corner with a traffic signal or stop sign.
  • Always parallel park with your right tires to the curb.
  • Never park with your left tires to the curb.  It is illegal.
  • It is illegal to drive across the street and park in front of the mail boxes to get your mail.  Parking with left tires to the curb is illegal even if only doing so temporarily.
  • Operable vehicles on public streets must be moved every 48 hours.
  • Inoperable vehicles are not allowed on public streets and will be towed at the owner’s expense following a 48-hour warning.
  • It is illegal to park boats and RV campers on the street for reasons other than unloading.

MCPD urges citizens to park in their garages or driveways at night as a safety precaution.  Avoid parking on the street as much as possible during the day to give full access to emergency vehicles.  Park a safe distance from all corners to avoid meeting oncoming cars head-on.

To report illegal parking or other illegal activities, contact Missouri City Police at
Do not call 9-1-1 unless it is an emergency.

Brightwater initiated a Neighborhood Watch Program in 2009, working closely with the Missouri City Police Department.  Our Police Liaison is Diane Giltner, 281-499-0695,  The program has been successful in monitoring the subdivision and maintaining an active volunteer membership.

All Brightwater residents are encouraged to participate.  Several times during the year, training sessions are held for new members.

  • Patrolling the neighborhood is done in teams of two.  Volunteers may choose a partner (a neighbor or family member) or select someone from the general roster.  Every patrol member must be officially registered.
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older and be residents of Brightwater.
  • Each volunteer must commit to two hours per month on the same day.  For example, you may sign up for duty from 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. every first Monday of the month, and that will be your permanent time slot.  Duties include driving around the neighborhood during those hours with your partner and watching for any suspicious or unusual activity.  Patrol duties cannot be broken up into separate 30- or 60-minute slots.
  • No direct intervention is required from volunteers.  In case you detect a crime, you will call the police on your cell phone.  You will make a note of any city ordinance violations you observe.
  • At least 15 teams are required for an effective Neighborhood Watch for a subdivision the size of Brightwater.  That means we need to maintain a minimum of thirty (30) volunteers.
  • When we have new volunteers, Missouri City Police Officers will set up a training session to explain the dos and don'ts of a Neighborhood Watch program. Each volunteer will receive a booklet summarizing Missouri City ordinances that will serve as a guideline for crime watch.

The HOA provides magnetic decals for crime watch volunteers to attach to their vehicles while patrolling.

To volunteer, please send your name and contact information to: Diane Giltner,
281-499-0695, or

Original Neighborhood Watch crew of volunteers in 2009

Help Prevent Burglaries

  • Keep vehicles locked at all times.
  • When parked overnight, remove all valuables from vehicles.
  • Try not to park on the street overnight.
  • When shopping, make one trip to the car with purchased merchandise, and then leave the lot. Thieves have been known to watch shoppers as they place merchandise in their cars before returning to a store.
  • Never leave identification, wallets, credit cards or jewelry in vehicles while visiting fitness centers. Doing so is much riskier than using a locker inside the gym or leaving the items at home.
  • If personal property must be left in a car, lock it in the trunk. Unfortunately, this option does not exist for pick-up trucks or SUVs. Thieves are aware that there is no secure place to store items in these types of vehicles.

Be especially alert at shopping centers and fitness clubs.

Neighborhood Watch

Brightwater Neighborhood Watch Program